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Quick & Easy Tsukemono: Japanese Pickling Recipes Review & Ratings

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Quick & Easy Tsukemono: Japanese Pickling Recipes Review

No Japanese meal is complete without tsukemono. Whether you are having a traditional dinner, some sushi, a bowl of udon or even a plate of curry rice, in a Japanese home or restaurant a small dish of pickled yummies will always be set aside your plate, providing a colorful and flavorful accompaniment.
Continuing the "Quick and Easy" series of Japanese cooking, chef Ikuko Hisamatsu has laid out almost 100 easy-to-follow tsukemono recipes that allow you to prepare these necessary side dishes, using seasonal Japanese ingredients which complement the various meals of Japanese cuisine. In addition to the common tsukemono, there are five Korean kim chee recipes, some dessert items like pineapple in lemon, fish side-dishes like salted squid, and some original creations like garlic in honey and garlic in miso.
The ingredient list might require a Japanese or Asian grocery store, unless you have ready access to daikon, shiso leaves, kombu, ume and the like. Required Japanese spices are things like miso, sake-kasu, karashi, wasabi and yuzu citron. Nothing terribly rare, but exotic enough that they probably won't be found at a regular grocery store.
The recipes are easy to follow. If you have never done any pickling before, you can expect some trial and error before you get it exactly right. There are some overall tips for pickling, and advice as to the specific equipment you will need. Pickling does require some special equipment and preparation, so it is not really a "grab and go" type of cook book, although there are simple recipes that you can try right away. The length of time for the recipes vary, and you are probably better off trying a one hour pickle before tackling the two-month long fermentation of the delicious ume boshi.
A necessary book for anyone serious about cooking authentic Japanese meals.

Quick & Easy Tsukemono: Japanese Pickling Recipes Overview

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